There’s no cutting corners here. Since we started our brand, we knew that if you use great materials, you’ll make great structures. That's why all of our models are handcrafted with only the best raw materials.

North American Timber

When you buy quality things, you’re going to have them a long time. North American Timber provides the raw strength, proven toughness, dimensional stability and stain-holding power that embody our structures.


The Cadillac of wood species in our opinion. Naturally beautiful, with rich, tonal properties, Red Cedar holds a wide range of beautiful finishes. More flame-resistant than most woods, Red Cedar consistently weathers seasonality and comes naturally infused with exceptional physical properties for greater resistance to twisting, warping, insects, rot and decay. Available as an upgrade on pergolas and pavilions.


Are there any other kind? To build it right, you need solid, hardy, North American wood timbers. It’s the only way to achieve the strength, durability and longevity we’re known for, guaranteeing your structure will still be standing today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.


Genuine sustainability is achieved by increasing the lifespan of our products. That’s why working with partners that align with our beliefs of pushing for a sustainable production process is so important.

For every structure that’s purchased, we pledge to plant 1 tree to replenish the atmosphere with oxygen, improve air quality and help prevent global climate change.