Tried & True

Tried & True

Big Timber was born out of the need for a quality, American-made, outdoor wood structure. We wanted to create a superior-crafted product and provide folks with an unrivaled customer experience to match.

At the heart of ‘hachie

Small business isn’t just the backbone of America, it’s the lifeblood of Waxahachie. From historic streets lined with beautiful pink crape myrtles, to the coffee shops and diners, Waxahachie is built on tradition, family, values, hard work—and most of all, people.


We believe in building things better. If one of our models just doesn’t quite make you happy, then let’s help you design one that does. Let’s get started!


Quality timbers need quality hardware. Period. All of our structures are constructed with superior, heavy-duty gauge steel hardware. Each piece is precision-manufactured and then powder-coated with a matte black finish, combining beauty, strength and durability.


All of our structures are carefully crafted to insure the best quality. Your build-day won’t be any different. Our craftsmen will provide a touch-point delivery and a first-class build on site.

We shape

our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.

~ Winston Churchill

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